Free compress your CSS code

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CSS Compressor
CSS Compress takes your CSS scripts, compresses the large and unnecessarily large CSS rules into the smaller code fragments and helps in minimizing the size of the cod considerably.

This tool is very simple to use. All you need to do is copy and paste your CSS code in the given box, and click the “Compress Now” button.

Why Do You Need to Minify Your CSS Code?
Minification of the CSS code is a process which removes the unnecessary characters from the code which are not required for its execution.

The process of minifying helps in removing the:
  • Comments
  • White Space Characters
  • New Line Characters
  • Block Delimiters

These elements which are removed by the minification are required to enhance the readability of the code by humans, but do not affect the execution of the code, as the machine does not read these characters or uses them. Minifying is one of the underlying requirements for the interpreted languages such as CSS.

How CSS Minification is Helpful
One of the vital ways in which Google and the other search engines evaluate your website is the page load speed. The page load speed is also one of he ways in which visitors evaluate the websites, as they don’t prefer slow loading websites.

Today, there are so many options and alternates for every website, that visitors don’t wait for any website which is taking too long to load.

A website has a lot of files and code to load, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and that’s why, the cleaner and faster the code is, the easier it is for a website to get loaded, and the lesser time it would take.

CSS Codes, when written by the developers are written in a way that they are easy to read for the humans, and that’s why they contain may elements which make them readable aren’t useful for the execution. Our CSS compressor effectively removes all those elements, and keeps the vital lines of codes which are mandatory for its execution to make the code smaller.

By compressing the code, the website or the web app loads faster and enhances the performance considerably.